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EVA foam for boats 

EVA foam boat mats are accessories specifically designed to improve comfort and functionality on boats of all types. Made with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam, these mats offer a series of benefits both for the comfort of the occupants and for the protection of the boat itself.


EVA foam mats are remarkably light and flexible, making them easy to install and adapt to any surface inside the boat, whether on deck, in the cockpit or in storage areas. Its closed cell structure provides excellent impact cushioning, reducing fatigue and stress on the joints during long periods in the water. Additionally, these mats are highly water, mildew, and UV resistant, making them a durable, low-maintenance option for marine environments. Its textured surface provides a secure grip, even when wet, contributing to the safety of crew and passengers by preventing slips and falls.



EVA foam mats are also customizable in terms of color, design, and thickness, allowing boat owners to create a unique, custom look for their boat while improving its functionality and aesthetics. Additionally, its ability to absorb vibrations and noise can help reduce resonance and noise inside the boat, thus improving the overall experience on board.

In short, EVA foam boat mats offer a unique combination of comfort, durability, safety and customization, making them a popular choice among boat owners looking to improve both the appearance and functionality of their boats.

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Why choose D NOVUS MARINE?

We offer a stylish solution for the boat and jet sky owner who wants a comfortable, durable, low-maintenance coating option. All of our foams are UV resistant, oil resistant, non-absorbent and non-slip.

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