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Cushion Ppholstery

In boat upholstery, we cover different surfaces within a boat with textile materials specifically designed to resist marine conditions.


The upholstery materials we use are selected not only for their durability and water resistance, but also for their ability to withstand exposure to UV rays, water salinity and other adverse conditions typical of the marine environment.



Protection: Boat upholstery protects the interior surfaces of your boat from wear, damage caused by moisture, sun and other environmental elements. This helps preserve the structural and aesthetic integrity of the boat over time.

Comfort: The upholstery materials used inside the boat provide an additional layer of comfort for occupants. Upholstered seats, cushions and mats make the boating experience more enjoyable by providing soft, ergonomic support.

Aesthetics: The materials and designs offered can improve the interior appearance, creating a cozy and elegant atmosphere on board.

Customization: Boat owners have the opportunity to customize the look and feel of their boat through upholstery. They can choose from a wide range of colors, patterns and textures to reflect their personal style and create a unique atmosphere on board. Easy maintenance: The upholstery materials used in the upholstery are easy to clean and maintain.

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Why choose D NOVUS MARINE?

We offer upholstery in different colors and high-quality materials, easy to clean and resistant to UV rays. We work with you in the search for the design you dream of.

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