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suministros en GPS y Sonido

Boat electronics are devices and systems specifically designed to improve boating, safety, and the overall experience on the water.


These products span a wide range of technologies, from GPS navigation systems to high-quality entertainment equipment, and are designed to fit the unique needs of boaters and boat owners. They range from communication equipment and positioning systems to entertainment devices and safety equipment, and are designed to offer functionality, comfort and peace of mind to users while sailing in inland waters or the open sea.



Precise Navigation: GPS navigation systems and electronic charts allow boaters to plot precise routes, avoid obstacles and reach their destination safely and efficiently, even in challenging weather conditions.

Enhanced Safety: Boat electronics include safety devices such as emergency radio beacons (EPIRBs), collision detection systems, and emergency communication systems, which help ensure the safety of the crew and vessel in critical situations.

Onboard Entertainment: Marine entertainment systems, ranging from high-quality audio systems to televisions and home theater systems, allow boaters to enjoy music, movies and other media while at sea or in a quiet anchorage.

Energy Efficiency: Many boat electronics are designed to be energy efficient, which helps conserve battery power and extends the boat's range, especially on long voyages.

Enhanced Comfort: Climate control devices, LED lighting systems and other boat electronics help create a comfortable and welcoming environment on board, enhancing the boating experience for both crew and passengers.

Advanced Connectivity: With the proliferation of technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and satellite communication systems, boat electronics offer advanced connectivity that allows boaters to stay in touch with the outside world and access important information while on the go. sea.

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Why choose D NOVUS MARINE?

We offer the best in marine navigation supplies such as GPS and sound units.

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